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This is the official account of KungFuGaming.com on Newgrounds. KFG is (will be) a gaming website run by DreamworX, GrimNicker and Neptunon :)

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Posted by KungFuGaming - October 10th, 2007

Hello there!

So, this is the official account for the gaming website KungFuGaming.com here on Newgrounds! The site is not released yet, but it will hopefully be in a few weeks.

The site is a part of a school project and the involved people are DreamworX, GrimNicker and Neptunon! None of us are however that great at making websites, therefore we have 'hired ' KinkyWizard to help us with that :)

The idea behind this school project is that we're going to start (and run) a company which we will later windup at the end of the school year. Our company will be based around the website, we will make sure to be updated with the best and most addictive games on the web. We are aiming for a clean design without excessive use of ads (as a company we do however need to earn some money, and as ads will be our only income it can't be 100% ad free :P). As well as keeping the site updated with games, we will also make games on our own that we will use to promote the site. If the site goes well we might even start sponsoring other games, and maybe even run a contest. That is however not likely in the time we have before the company needs to be winded up, but we have hopes to keep running the site even after that :)

I (DreamworX) and GrimNicker have both been making Flash before, we're both coders though and are not too fond of making graphics, and so we convinced Neptunon to join as our artist. He's still pretty new to this, but he learns fast :)

If you have any suggestions on features you would like to see on our site, if you have a game that you would let us host (we will only accept high quality ones though) or if you are wondering about something, feel free to comment this news post, PM us or drop us a mail at contact@kungfugaming.com! If you want to you are also very welcome to take this poll :)

Erik Johansson
Managing Director of Flashigt UF

(Man that sounded uptight XD)